Chulitna River Float
June 29 - July 1, 2001
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My father, Tom Moomey, and I floated the Chulitna River with some of my friends.  We left a day early so we could spend more time on the river.  We camped on a sandbar the first night on the East Fork.

The tracks cross near the confluence of the East and Middle Fork.  The upper river is very scenic.

Our group caught up with us at Honolulu Creek.  My father and I spent the night here so we could fish the next day.  Just downsteam was the West Fork which  turns the Chulitna into a very muddy river from all the glacial silt.

My father holds a nice 22 inch rainbow he caught here with his fly rod and released.  We never caught any King Salmon.  We must have been here too early.

Here's a photo of us that my friend Cathy took.


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