Denali National Park, Alaska
Sept 10-14, 2003

I was invited to spend a few days in Denali National Park with some of my photography friends. We spent two nights at the Denali Back County Lodge in Kanishna and three nights at Denali Cabins near mile 229 of the Parks Hwy. It was a super trip. This map shows the park before they changed the name. You can see Wonder lake near the end of the road. Kanishna is at the very end of the road.


The weather was great on the ride in. The mountain tops were covered in new snow.


We found a blond Grizzly who was very cooperative.


He paid very little attention to the vehicles while he ate grass.


The park road is mostly unpaved. Backpackers can get dropped off from shuttle buses if they have a permit.


We found a beautiful bull caribou near Wonder Lake.

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