Resurrection Bay Ski Tour
April 29-30, 2006

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My Prince William Sound Ski trip turned into a Resurrection Bay outing when the Tunnel worker told me there was no room to park in Whittier because it was too crowded. Apparently no one had the foresight to plow the big parking lot.


Trying to make the best of my situation I looked for a place to ski and settled on this valley. My goal would be to explore this area and reach some alpine slopes for some Telemark Skiing. I wasn't sure how thick the brush would be of it was even possible.


I had a couple hours of good daylight before I need to set up camp so I opted for a short tour up this frozen stream bed.


Probably Wolverine tracks but possibly Black Bear. I followed these tracks for about a half mile up the creek.


So far, so good. Travel was easy. This was actually very fun!


I turned back early not wanting to spoil tomorrows adventure.

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