Devils Pass to Cooper Landing

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Looking towards Devils Pass.


This was the highest elevation of our trip. There was a sign marking 2400 ft of elevation.


Devils Lake. I fished it with no luck. From here it's all down hill for the next three days.


The Forest Service built a new cabin to replace the old A frame. The construction workers were using the old cabin this Summer. Unfortunately the new cabin had only an oil stove with no fuel. We had no way to dry out our wet clothes. I think they need to add a wood stove as carrying fuel is not practical.


We met our friends Bill and his son Tyler. Bill reserved these cabins and graciously invited us to join him. They hiked from Hope to Cooper Landing. Everything worked according to plan.


The Sun came out the next day and the views were incredible! I was fun to hike a gentle downhill slope.


We saw a Grizzly in the valley below us. It was too far away for my wide angle lens.

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