Seldovia, AK
April 2007

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I had fun photographign some Cormrants with Mount Saint Augustine in the background.


Suddenly this sailboat came out of nowhere and messing up my photo! I hate it when that happens. :-) Oh well, I tracked down this local and emailed him this photo of his boat. Maybe he'll take me sailing someday.


Colleen posing with our humble catch.




This was the view from our hotel. St Nicholas is a very historic Russian Orthodox Church dating back to 1820.


One of Dave Seamon's skiffs I believe. Dave is a Master Boat builder from Homer.


He used natural crooks for knees, frames, and the breasthook. You can see how the grain curves with the knee to avoid short grain. This makes for the strongest construction possible. The knee is then riveted on with Copper Nails and roves. Very traditional. I contacted Dave and he said this knee was made from White Spruce. The planking is Sitka Spruce. He built eight of these boats in the late 70s along with several Whitehalls.

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