Launching the Sandpiper at the
Homer Wooden Boat Show
May 26-28, 2008

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I finally finished the boat I've been working on all Winter. It's a Chesapeake Lightcraft "Skerry" kit designed for sail and oar. I named it the "Sandpiper."


The dimensions are 15' x 4' 8". The hull is Okoume marine plywood, thwarts are Sapele marine plywood, gunwales and breasthooks are African Mahogany. I also made some oars of Sitka Spruce and Black Walnut.


The Coast Guard performs their rescue demonstration as a part of the Homer Seafeast.


My friend Brad showed up to help me christened the Sandpiper with
"Out of the shop and into the drink. Please Lord don't let it sink."



It floats!

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