The Alagnak River, Katmai National Park, Alaska

August 13-20, 1995

Dick Swan, Tom Moomey, and I (Neil Moomey)

My father and I with a 38 inch rainbow trout I caught. I'm holding the fish.
These computer scanners shrink the photos so the fish look a lot smaller
than they really are.

Here I'm holding a chum (dog) salmon I caught with my 1wt flyrod on 8X tippet.

Repairing leaky waders after wrestling with a bear.

Dick with a nice 'bow. I think I hooked it for him.

Dad's tent. If you go make sure you buy the "bear proof" models. They're only available in Alaska
Just go in any Alaskan Sporting Goods store, tell them where you're from and ask to see the
"bear proof" line of tents and accessories.

Me with a rainbow. We saw 15 Brown Bears on the river over a course of seven days.
At least one a day. The banks were matted down by the bears. Big bears too.
One time I fell in a footprint and Dad had to through a rope down to pull me out!

We had a camp fire almost every day...very important part of camping. This is where we
go over our fishing stories to check for accuracy.

Here's dad with his 9 inch rainbow he managed to catch. Don't let him feed you any lies
about him catching bigger fish than I.

The bears caught almost as many fish as we did. They made for an interesting trip.
My shotgun became my best friend. KaBoom!...Dad, is that you?

Here's a seven pound world record grayling I caught, but I didn't have the heart to kill it.

You can see how braided the river is.

This is were we started and ended the float plane ride, Kulik Lodge.

I fish therefore I lie.  Tight Lines!

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