Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

June - October, 1994

I was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. After the war I went TDY to Saudi Arabia to support
Operation Southern Watch. Despite what the newspapers say, I found the locals to be very
friendly towards Americans. I usually got Sunday off R&R. I would go to Bahrain
as an escort officer taking some of my troops to see the sights and relax on the beach

Here I am, the Desert Nomad Warrior.

These camels are great! They can the handle the heat alot better than horses.
I was here for over 90 days and it never rained once.

These guys were having a great time letting us ride
their camels and watching us hang on for dear life.

Here are my troops. I'm second from the left

In Bahrain, they still build the traditional shrimping boats out of teak wood by hand.
They use no power tools.

Here we're testing out one of their boats on a fishing cruise in the Gulf.

Some of the locals have done well.

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