Iditarod 2000
by Neil Moomey

These images may take a while to download.
All photos were taken in 2000 on the Iditarod trail
 between Anchorage and Lake Creek near Skwentna.

Saturday on the trail between Anchorage and Eagle River

DeeDee Jonrowe

Ft Rich Tank Trail

My friend Tony Lutes.  Check out this awesome sled we borrowed.

On the Yentna River

Mt Susitna makes a great back drop.

Here is my tent on the Yentna River.  I am on the left. 
We were lucky to have nice weather.

The northern lights did not come out so I took a photo of the constellation Orion
and put a lantern in my tent.  Tony has a headlamp on and is fixing dinner.  We
watched the headlamps from the mushers go by and listened to them while we
slept in our sleeping bags. 

"I'm pooped!"
The temperatures often get to hot during mid day for the dogs so they rest.
This one is resting in Lake Creek.

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