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Norman Vaughan was born in 1905.  In 1925 he left Harvard to join one of his heroes, Sir Wilfred Grenfell in Newfoundland bringing medical supplies by dog sled to isolated villages.  3 years later he went to Antarctica with Admiral Byrd.  During WWII he signed up for Army search and rescue operations.  He saved many men by dogsled that had crashed in Greenland. Later he moved to Alaska and ran the Iditarod sled dog race thirteen times.  He returned to Greenland on an expedition to look for the WWII aircraft of the crew that he rescued years ago.  It was buried under 200 feet of ice and snow.  In 1994 he became the first person to climb Mt Vaughan in Antarctica named for him by Admiral Byrd during their expedition.

Norman and Carolyn volunteered to step outside for a photo shoot.

You couldn't ask for a more photogenic couple.

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