Prince William Sound Bear Hunt
Neil Moomey and Mike Kopcznski, May 2000
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A beautiful Black Bear walks across a tidal flat unaware of my presence.
In Alaska Black Bear can be found in heavy numbers along the coast.


Mike and I walked up this creek in Passage Canal but found no bear signs.


What a beautiful day.  The weather was good to us this year.  
You can see Culross Island in the distance.


Mike spotted a large black bear and begins his stalk.


He slowly crawls to within 70 yards.


His scope mounted 30-06 is presented with a nice broadside shot.
He waited about 5 minutes for the bear to get in the right position.


Mike walks up to his prize a nice boar.  It ran about 40 yards.


Mike's bear measured 67 inches with a 18.5 inch skull.




Here we used the cameras timer for a group photo.


There were lots of porcupine in the area.


Here's our camp.  Mike is glassing for more bear.


They seemed to be everywhere eating grass so I hunted them with my camera.


I got within 30 yards before this one ran away.






Here's my boat anchored as sunset.  What a memorable trip this was!

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