Montague Island
Aug 11 - 18, 2001


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Everyone got out their cameras.  What a great way to start out our trip.

My guess is these are Resident Orcas because of the size of the pod.  Residents feed on fish and Transients feed on mammals.  Here you can see a baby Orca and it's mother.

We finally made it!  We timed our arrival so the tide was coming in about an hour or two from high tide.  This way we wouldn't have to haul the gear far and our boats wouldn't get stuck on the beach.  Port Chalmers cabin is located in a lagoon that goes dry at low tide.  We got lucky because we had high tide each morning and evening.  

The next day we all jumped in the big boat and went fishing for Halibut and Lincod.  Here's Dan with a nice Lingcod.  We caught two others that day.  Jon just wanted to say: "I cannot tell I lie.  I like Big Butts!"  Unfortunately he couldn't "get wit-em" this week.

The following day Brad and I decided to hike to the top of the ridge behind the cabin.  It was so hot out and such hard work I drank almost 4 quarts of water.  Here you can see Port Chalmers behind me.  Our cabin is just over my right shoulder in the small bay.


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