Montague Island
Aug 11 - 18, 2001


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Brad decided to climb even further.  He summited the 1850ft ridge and climbed along the ridgeline.  The view from up here is incredible.  Here is a panoramic I tried to put together from 4 pictures.  Slide the scroll bar left and right.  You can see Green Island and behind that Knight Island.

Dan the cook prepared some great meals for us.  We also brought a keg of Brewhouse IPA Microbrew which went great with our meal.  This is a 4 second timed exposure I made using only candle and lantern light.  The Port Chalmers cabin has 4 bunks, two of which are double wide.  There's also a wood stove and an oil stove.  Since the fishing was slow Dan and John decided to return early and try Seward.

Brad and I decided to hunt the rest of the week and look for Silvers in the streams with my boat.  We didn't have much luck with Silvers.  Must have been too early.  One day the wind picked up so we decided to hunt near the cabin again.  Brad and I hiked up to the same ridge and stayed until dark.  This was the only day we hunted that we didn't spot any deer.  Guess they didn't like the wind either.

Brad and I agreed Montague Island is such a magical place we would return again some year.  Maybe next time we'll run into that trophy buck!

The End

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