Prince William Sound Fishing Trip
July 12 - July 22, 2002
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My father and I decided to spend our vacation fishing in Prince William Sound this year. Our goal was to cruise the Sound looking for productive rivers, lakes, and bays.  I reserved one of the forest service cabins on Green Island for a few days towards the end of our trip.

It didn't take long for us to find some good fishing. Here's a nice Dolly Varden I caught with my 6wt fly rod on a size 8 wolly bugger. The sea run Dollies travel from stream to stream looking for food.

The first morning I photographed my first ever humming bird. What an amazing creature.

I bought a new grill this year so we tried it out on some steaks, shrimp, and corn.

Nothing tastes better than cooking over an open fire.

My father (Tom Moomey) lands a nice Sockeye Salmon in one of our secret fishing spots.

Here's a nice school of Reds. The salmon runs in PWS can vary by as much as two weeks from year to year and are very short so we considered ourselves very lucky. I think that's the primary reason salmon fishing is not very popular here.
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