March 2-5, 2002
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This year I decided to follow the Iditarod for the first four days of the race.  My goal would be to reach Rainy Pass.  At the start of the race I hired a helicopter in Anchorage to help me photograph 4th Avenue from the air.  It was a great experience.

Here you can see 4th Avenue below and the Chugach Mountains in the background.

Here's a view of the race start from the other end.  You can see the ice in Cook Inlet.

Sunday, two of my friends Ken and Chuck (left to right) accompanied me for two days on the trail..  We started at the Deska Landing.

Here's Martin Buser on the Yentna River.  This was the Iditarod party crowd.

Chuck was using his Canon D-30 digital camera.


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