Kodiak, Alaska
July 4-14, 2003
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This year my father and I decided to go to Kodiak for 10 days of fishing. What an amazing trip this was. Kodiak is incredibly beautiful and has world class saltwater and freshwater fishing. Our weather was great and everything went as planned.


We purchased a round trip ferry ticket so we could bring my truck and boat. This would give us the mobility to fish saltwater and remote salmon streams. The seas were flat calm giving us a great ride.


We departed from Seward and motored all night. Here we are arriving in Kodiak.


Kodiak is a big fishing town. Lots of commercial fishing boats of all kinds.


We saw Sitka Blacktail deer on four occasions, mostly on the road system. They were not at all shy.


This was also my first trip using my new Canon 10D digital camera. It uses all my Canon lenses so I can say good bye to film forever. :-) I love it's vibrant colors. This is a Sitka Rose.


We camped twice at the Buskin River Campground. The same spot actually. I was surprised at the lack of crowds for July. Finding a nice campsite was pretty easy.

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