Kodiak, Alaska
July 4-14, 2003
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Kodiak gets allot of fog and rain. About 75 inches a year I heard. It makes for lush deep green vegatation. I did not increase the saturation on any of these images.


We found the best way to Halibut fish was to launch at the City boat launch. There was no fee for parking or launching and no crowds. Amazing! I wish Whittier and Seward were like that.


Buoy 4 seemed to be the hot spot for Halibut. It's no secret for sure. The buoy is well marked on the charts and on the buoy.


Here are some Coast Guard personnel on their day off landing a nice one. There were 4 of these boats exactly the same and all the guys had short hair so that's what I'm guessing.


I hooked a big fish on halibut gear while winding up to go home for the day. I thought it was a shark by the way it swam. To my disbelieve it was a 40 lb King Salmon. That was really exciting!


The boat harbor makes for some artistic photos.

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