Upper Russian Lake Fishing Trip, June 2006

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The weather was flat calm the first day. Little did we know this would be the only day like this. The proximity to the Harding Ice field makes for windy weather most of the time.


Flying in the historic 1943 Norseman was a real treat. We flew with Ingram's Air Taxi.


I rented the Upper Russian Cabin. This centry old cabin is the oldest in the Forest Service. It's pretty rustic with a cement floor and unlevel surfaces throughout. The door had been replaced due to a Brown Bear breaking it down. It's so dark inside we were lucky to have brought a lantern even in June.


We wasted no time in inflating our float tubes. Colleen and I both brought ours. Paul and Eric would use the row boat.




It didn't take us long to catch a few fish but we had to work for them.


Eric head straight to the river and caught a couple for dinner.

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