Chilikadrotna River Float
August 22-29, 1998
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Twin Lakes in incredible.  The area reminded me of Wonder Lake.  It's weather, tundra, and trees were very similar.  You can see the upper Twin Lake in the distance.  We saw only one caribou and a couple of bear tracks.  We missed the caribou migration by two weeks.

There is a ranger stationed here each summer.  I think her name was Jenny but I can't remember for sure.  It was her job to call in the weather each day and enforce the rules of the park.  She was very polite and welcomed us to her Ranger cabin for a visit.  While we were there she caught her first fish.  Sounds like the perfect job to me.  I wonder what she does to get away from work?

Dad holding up a nice grayling.  This spot was my favorite part of the trip.

The first few miles were very similar.  If I were to float this again I would probably camp 2-3 miles downstream of the first campsite to enjoy everything this incredible area has to offer. 7-9 days total for this trip is not too many.

We used a 14ft conventional raft with a rowing frame.  I found the river to be very easy and relaxing to row although I've heard stories of sweepers blocking the river.  We didn't have any problems with navigation.  Some experience with sweepers and rapids is required however.

Here's a beautiful grayling.  I was impressed with how colorful they were.

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