Shrode Lake Cabin Ski Trip

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What a great view of Blackstone Bay.


He caught up to me for the tour home.


Entering 3 Finger Cove we were greeted by a surprising amount of snow. Even more than Blackstone Bay. We carved steps to climb the bank.


I hailed my friend Joe and Cathy Law on the radio and they dropped by for a visit.


Loading the barge. The crossing was one half mile overland and one mile across the lake. There were a few hills and small open streams to contend with but nothing serious.


We crossed the lake in the evening. The lake had no open water but when we got midway Todd noticed we were traveling on a 2" layer of crust with overflow underneath. He pushed his ski pole clear to it's grip with little resistance. After some backtracking we managed to cross the lake with no incident. Needless to say I was a bit nervous. I knew the ice would be thin so I wore my PFD and had my gear in dry bags. Plus we each carried some rope.

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